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The technique

Creazioni Luciano a widely copied, but we remain unmatched for taste and quality, as the leader in the use of “ceramic cloisonné” characterized by a sharp relief drawing that encloses the vitreous colored enamels. With its strong family tradition, that has turned experimentation into a factor of constant artistic evolution, the company sets itself apart through its relentless search for forms of expression and decorations made with the fantasy and perfectionism that has characterized Made in Italy around the world for centuries.



The molder creates the plaster mold that will be used to shape the clay.

La tecnica


the subject is sketched out and gradually developed up to its final form.

La tecnica2



the engraver creates the negative in plaster cast, using a center punch.

La tecnica


the white clay is first cast, then extracted from the plaster molds used to create the items.

La tecnica2



this process is monitored very closely, applying and removing weights in order for the piece no to suffer damage or deformation.

La tecnica


the item is trimmed and finished to remove all imperfections and make it smooth.

La tecnica2


Bisquit firing:

items undergo a first firing at 1050° C, which makes them hard, porous, durable and of a beautiful crisp white.

La tecnica


using bulb syringes and paint brushes, master decorators fill the relief drawings with glass enamel.

La tecnica2



Glaze is applied to seal the piece and make it consistent.

La tecnica

Second firing:

Finally, the piece undergoes the second firing at 950°, which gives it a bright and shiny aspect similar to stained glass.

La tecnica2


Production technique: