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"WHITE LENNON" T002 cm 100 x 150


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The work entitled "White Lennon" is composed of nine 35 cm x 50 cm rectangular tiles, which in three by three order, form a 1 m x 1.5 m rectangle. The tiles, realized in earthenware and fired twice, are then covered
by a light matte glaze, which confers the entire composition an almost white/slightly pale yellow color, resulting in a portrait of John Lennon. The highly innovative nature of the work comes from particular incisions which, with the aid of an oblique light, allow for an unexpected photographic sharpness. In fact, the work in its simple color purity, entrusts all its mighty representative force not to the gesture of painting or to sculpture as plastic expression, but to the shadow impalpability produced by long vertical grooves. The work at a glance can be said to be of "Conceptual Pop" ancestry, in the continuity of a trend that tends to combine the two major Western cultures: the American and the European. On the thread of memory we can see the profound connection between the work and the figure of Lennon, who loved the purity of white, a love imbued with a strong poetic and philosophical sense.
White Lennon.